The ClimateClever Initiative

The ClimateClever Initiative is a new engaging, data-driven, program underpinned by a set of innovative online tools designed to help your school measure, monitor, compare and reduce its carbon footprint, to become a leader in sustainability and climate action. It can also save you considerable money in the process!


Calculate your carbon footprint, track your emissions annually and compare your results with schools across the country.


Understand how buildings and facilities consume resources to see how it impacts your school's overall carbon footprint. Compare assets to other schools.


Learn how to systematically reduce your school's carbon footprint. Assign tasks, set deadlines, implement initiatives, monitor progress and share experiences.

ClimateClever Video’s
CRC for Low Carbon Living - ClimateClever: Students creating a low carbon future
ClimateClever: Winner of Curtin Innovation Award for teaching and Learning
STELR project - Women in STEM & Entrepreneurship - Dr Vanessa Rauland

Engage your students,
change the world.

Following extensive research, pilots, tonnes of carbon savings and hundreds of thousands of dollars of utility savings, The ClimateClever Initiative is finally here!

We have created a simple, systematic, online approach, which enables you to easily identify initiatives and track your progress, celebrate your achievements and share your experiences with other schools.

Your school can make a big difference.

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What your school will receive

Access to all online tools

Measure and audit, then manage your carbon reduction action plan

Yearly progress reports

Download end of year report that tracks your school's success

Teaching resources

Download student lesson plans and resources to integrate the ClimateClever program into various learning areas

Expert advice

Talk to the ClimateClever experts for guidance during your school's carbon reduction journey

Comparison data against other schools

See how your school compares to other schools around Australia

Access to the ClimateClever community

Join an online community forum of participating schools to brainstorm, ask questions, share ideas and seek advice

Create change in your community

Access to a home version of the ClimateClever Apps for the students and staff to use at home, to track community impact

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The ClimateClever
2018 Package

$8 per student

Year 11 and 12 students are exempt from price.
Price excludes GST. Fees are capped at $6,500.
Contact us for discounts if you are signing up in a group.

How your school will benefit

  • Enrich student learning through hands-on activities
  • Save at least 10% on your school's utility costs
  • Assist schools in remote communities to take action
  • Empower your students to become responsible global citizens
  • Engage your community around low carbon living
  • Become true leaders of sustainability
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